Best HVAC System

Best HVAC System

The Best HVAC System Cleaning Company Near Me

Best HVAC System – With the ever-fluctuating weather and periodic change from season to season, an HVAC system is constantly in need of upkeep and maintenance. As time passes, contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, and pet dander can accumulate within the system, clogging components such as filters and vents that may eventually lead to inefficient performance or cause damage if left unchecked.

Frequent care and regular cleaning are essential in order to ensure that every part of your HVAC system remains both efficient and free from dust build-up. Although yearly inspections should be more than enough for most systems, those suffering from constant usage should seek out additional care depending on their specific needs. If you need someone to clean the HVAC system on your behalf, don’t hesitate to contact Air Duct Systems. We are the leading HVAC system cleaning company in Miami, Florida, and can inspect and clean the entire unit on the same day.

Symptoms of HVAC clogging

Following are some of the symptoms of HVAC system clogging:

1. Moldy smell

When vents in a home’s HVAC system are clogged or not properly cleaned, mold may begin to grow in the air ducts. This growth results in the release of additional spores and compounds into the circulation system which can cause an unpleasant, musty odor throughout the house.

In some cases, this mold growth can release toxic compounds that irritate people with sensitivities as well as worsen allergy symptoms. Having your HVAC system regularly maintained helps keep dust, allergens, and molds from building up and helps maintain clean air quality.

2. Water damage

Unwanted water damage in a home or commercial space is often a result of clogging in the HVAC system. Inadequate airflow due to clogged air filters, coil fins, and registers makes it more difficult for an HVAC system to properly heat and cool a living space.

As dirt collects throughout the system, cooling and heating efficiency is reduced and condensation builds up. This condensation can cause flooding and other secondary damage that adds unnecessary expenses to the property owner. Preventing these problems requires regular maintenance of air filters as well as cleaning dust, debris, and pet hair out of vents and registers. Additionally, having a professional technician from Air Duct Systems service your HVAC system twice per year can help ensure lasting efficiency while minimizing instances of preventable water damage.

3. Puddles of water

The clogging of an HVAC system can cause puddles of water to form around the unit due to the inability of cooling coils or drain lines to properly circulate and drain liquids as designed. This is a common problem when filters are not regularly changed, or if dirt, debris, and other particles accumulate on other interior components of the unit.

Over time, this will impede airflow through the system and result in condensation collecting and forming pools of water. If left unaddressed, this issue could potentially lead to property damage and electrical hazards arising from contact between water and live current sources such as wiring or motor components. Routine maintenance from Air Duct Systems, such as filter changes and inspections is essential in preventing any blockages within an HVAC system that may create these potential risk factors.

Cleaning the HVAC system

Cleaning an HVAC system is a crucial step in ensuring that your air conditioning and heating systems are working at optimal efficiency leading to both improved air quality and cost savings. We start by turning off the power of the fan or heads at the thermostat. Next, we start unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet. We will also open up the access panels in order to remove any dust or debris found within the network of internal parts.

Our technicians always use high-quality brushes, rags, and HEPA-certified vacuums with long hoses to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces, paying special attention to all electrical connections and coils. Once cleaning is finished, we reassemble all pieces before plugging them back into an outlet so that your HVAC system can function as intended.

If you have an HVAC system, it’s important to keep it clean. In Miami, Florida, there are a lot of professional companies that can do this for you. However, Air Duct Systems is the best because we have experienced technicians who use the latest tools and machines to inspect your HVAC system and clean it. Call us today at  (866) 474-3302 to schedule an appointment.

Best HVAC System

Best HVAC System

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